WildRhino is committed to finding and developing the ultimate combination of fashion and function.

We are convinced that style and comfort should not be mutually exclusive. We walk the Earth (in WildRhino shoes, of course), searching for the latest styles, designs and technology to help us bring this combination to you. There are no lengths to which our team will not go, to make sure that you look good and feel great in a pair of WildRhino shoes.

Comfort has always been our cornerstone. Anyone who has worn WildRhino shoes will tell you that when it comes to fit and wearability, you can’t go past them. And we will continue to make shoes that feel good to wear, whilst also making sure that they look stylish too.

WildRhino has continued to grow significantly and is now a major supplier of footwear both in Australia and overseas. Our shoes are stocked nationally and can be found in leading department stores Myer, Mathers, plus the better independents all over Australia and New Zealand. Or if you like, you can shop here online and choose from our entire range in one place.

So if you’re already a fan of WildRhino, we look forward to continuing to bring you the level of style and quality you’re used to. And if you’re new to our brand, we invite you to try a pair – we’re sure your first pair won’t be your last.

Remember. When you’re on your feet, you’ll be glad WildRhino is too.

Just How do we make a Wild Rhino Shoe?

At WildRhino we develop our footwear from the ground up. The process starts with a lot of Research and Development where we travel the world to understand current trends.
Once we get that straight we take the idea to a sample room and begin the process to bring the shoe to life. The most important first step is determining what construction process we will use to make the new shoe – it has to look right, fit right and be comfortable.

Once we’ve settled on that we start working on the technical aspects.

Firstly, ensuring the shoe will have the correct right toe shape where we commission a man-made ‘last’. A ‘last’, in simple terms, mimics the shape of a human foot, and these are made for each shoe size before any production can commence.

Secondly, sourcing the correct materials and working with those highly skilled in the technical aspects of footwear. This is a critical stage where highly skilled pattern cutters create accurate patterns of the proposed new styles in each size. That ensures the shoes can be reliably produced to ensure a proper fit considering the materials selected.

There are certain key elements that we consider for every pair of WildRhino shoes we make. We thought that we would share them with you, to give some insight into how we go about doing what we do.

The construction of the shoe.

At WildRhino, we employ three different construction techniques, each of which allow us to make comfortable and reliable products, depending on the style.

These are:

  • Conventional Cement Construction – for most of our casuals and sport sandals.
  • Hand Sewn Full Tubular Moccasins – for our authentic boating and deck shoes.
  • Fully Hand Sewn Constructions – for our comfort sandals.

The materials we use in the uppers.

WildRhino is all about leather. We always prefer to use genuine heavy weight, top grade, first selection leather to ensure the quality of our shoe. (Sometimes, if the style requires it, we finish the leather after the shoes are made to give a more earthy, or worn looking appearance.)

Sometimes, we might decide to use a simple man made upper material, usually for a summer sandal or a slide, but almost 95% of our products are made in good old-fashioned leather.

The outsole materials we use.

The key factor for any outsole material is that it must be able to build shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and durable.

In most of our casual shoes and sandals we tend to prefer polyurethane, rubber or TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) or Phylon material. Again, the style and usage of the shoe will decide which material to use.

At WildRhino, we ensure that our factories use only the highest grade outsole compound materials and we insist that our suppliers adhere to all the acceptable standards as set out by the governing footwear authorities.

The fit of our shoes

This is really what WildRhino is all about. Yes, we make shoes that look great, but above all else, they need to fit properly.

The WildRhino team makes sure that this is the number one priority from the design process and through all the stages of production.

We apply the strictest attention to detail to all parts of our shoes from styling and colours chosen, right down to threads and linings, every element is in place to help improve the look, the quality and the fit of the shoes we make for you.