Ash Williams

We sat down and chatted all things comedy, content creation and reality TV with our mate Ash Williams. Stay up to date with Ash through his Instagram.



Hey Ash, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a comedian, radio presenter, podcast host and social media content creator. 

How did you get into comedy and was it a career you were always wanted to pursue? 

I’d been doing MC work throughout my whole career and have always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Prior to comedy I was doing promotional work and then eventually started my own promotional company. In 2006 I started working at the Nova radio station where I was doing late night, weekend and then day time shifts. I was then presented the opportunity to be a part of the Hughesy and Kate breakfast show, which was a big career commitment. My days would start at 4:30am everyday and finish around midday. In 2008 I decided to go full steam ahead with my radio career and that’s where the rollercoaster started to take off. Working with Dave Hughes I would see him going off to do stand up... and in 2010, I realised stand up comedy was something I should have a crack at. I continued doing radio with them until they finished in late 2012, but that meant I didn’t have a job or any idea of what my next stage would be.

I vividly remember being at the gym asking myself ‘what am I going to do?’. At that time, I had a mate in LA who was nominated for an Oscar and invited me to come (to the Oscars) on the condition that I can get my own way to LA. From there I was in, I had nothing to lose. I was originally only going for 3 months but loved it so much that I ended staying for 3 years. I loved the weather; opportunity and the way things can change really quickly. 

What’s been one of the highlights and challenges you’ve faced in your career?

Moving to LA allowed me to find my comedy voice and style. You must find what’s true for you and what feels right! To use a tennis analogy, ‘I feel like I’ve only made it to the third or fourth round of a Grand Slam’. A majority of entertainers and comedians are similar with regards to their success - they feel like there's a lot more to do - but that’s what keeps us hungry, wanting to achieve more. People have a bunch of ideas but never finish what they start, so one piece of advice would be that anytime you finish a project you should celebrate.

What was one of your motivations to start your podcast ‘The Ash Williams Show’?

I started The Ash Williams Show in 2018 whilst doing my other podcast called Team Effort with Ed Kavalee and Tony Martin. I share a lot of stories with them, and I thought that I had more to give. It allowed me to start a podcast where I can update people on my week. The podcast is like a digital diary, I often go back and listen to parts that I can use for standup, radio, or TV segments. It’s a bit of a mental workout for me - which is good - as I need to record an episode each week based on any experiences I’ve seen in my week.

If I see anything interesting in my day-to-day life, I always draft it in emails and go back to it as a reference. But then other times I have nothing prepared until I turn on that microphone. I believe it’s like a soft standup without a crowd.



In 2021 you went onto ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’, tell us how that experience was?

The experience seems so long ago now, but it was great, and I wouldn’t change anything. It was a little different to past seasons as we were filming during the pandemic and had to do a 10-day quarantine before heading in. The first few days we were all on adrenalin, but after that you start to run out of energy with the challenges and lack of food. I was in there for 4 weeks and formed some really good friendships, especially with Grant Denyer who I still speak to today. I would go back if I had the chance.



What does a typical day in the life look like for you now running your podcast and stand-up shows?

I like to start my day with a workout followed by some sort of breathing exercises, I also try my best to stay off social media first thing in the morning. I then freshen up and have my first coffee of the day. I’m a big coffee drinker and have at least 3 before midday! My days are always different whether that’s heading to my office, the studio (to record the podcast) or shooting content for socials or brand deals. My nights also vary, I usually have 3 standup gigs locked in and on the odd occasion do hosting for brand or product launches. I go out a little on the weekend (love a few afternoon beers) but prefer to have more chill nights.

What would you consider your go-to, everyday outfit?

I like to keep it simple but mix it up occasionally. There’s always a pair of shorts involved for summer with any coloured t-shirt. For gigs and in winter I opt for my go-to pair of pants. I like to not think about what I’m wearing in the morning and just get out the door.

 One pair of Wild Rhino’s you’ve been loving at the moment?

Freddie – I wanted a shoe that I could wear with anything since I’m more of a casual guy.




Early-bird or Night-Owl? Early-bird

Favourite Food? Eggs – poached preferably, they're so versatile!

Any hidden talents? I can hold my breath underwater for 2.5 minutes (unsure if that’s a hidden talent)

Knock-off Drink of Choice? A classic margarita or an Asahi beer

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert


Check out Ash Williams standup shows at the Leadbeater Hotel in Richmond upcoming in March here.