Difference Between a Loafer, Boat Shoe & Driving Shoe

There are many different types of Mens Shoes on the market. The most popular summer category is mens slip on shoes which branches out into a few different groups - loafers, boat shoes and driving shoes. Here's a run down of each. 


Mens Loafers are a clean, classy slip-on shoe. They're designed with no laces or buckles and rest on a sturdy flat heel. They are easy to slip on and can be crafted with leather or woven materials and can be dressed up or down. Generally, the material of the loafer determines the dressy ness. The more casual loafers are generally made from suede, canvas or a woven leather. The dressier ones are made from a sleek shiny leather, perfect with suits.

Our suggestions: 

- Cuba Dark Brown with a linen suit for a summer wedding

- Borough Tan with rolled up chinos and a button-down shirt for dinner 

- Weave Tan with shorts and a t-shirt for a casual lunch date

TIP #1: Wear invisible ankle socks to avoid any material rubbing for overall comfort when heading out. 

Boat Shoes

Mens Boat Shoes are also known as "deck shoes". They got their name back in 1935 where they were originally designed to help sailors grip the deck during slippery conditions. They're made with a canvas or leather upper and a rubber sole for durability. Although boat shoes have laces, they are generally made to slip on and off. Although boat shoes are a casual-wear option to wear all throughout summer, now-a-days people are even wearing them to weddings! They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Our suggestions: 

Byron Tan with navy chinos for a casual summer wedding

- Bruno Navy with jeans for dinner and drinks

- Dustin Navy with boardshorts for a day at the beach 

TIP #2: Never wear a boat shoe with a suit. Boat shoes don't fit the formal dress code for a cocktail black-tie event. They are perfect for a more laid back dress code. 

Driving Shoes

Did you know a driving shoe was used to avoid discomfort when driving sports cars? This style of shoe was created in the 1960s in Italy but have evolved over the years into a staple men's shoe. A driving shoe is a slip-on shoe with no laces crafted with leather, suede or nubuck on a sturdy outsole. The difference is the outsole generally has leather wrapped around the top and bottom and is finished with rubber pimples. Another feature of a driving shoe is the outsole always continues up the back of the heel. Driving shoes can also be dressed up and down depending on the occasion. Our suggestions: 

- Bayview Navy Suede with black chinos for casual dinner and drinks

- Bayview Taupe Suede with bone chinos for summer 

TIP #3: Avoid wearing pants that are too long with driving shoes. It's best to have a bit of ankle showing!