Have you ever wondered how your Wild Rhino's are made?

At Wild Rhino, all our footwear is hand crafted by highly trained and specialist footwear artisans in some of the finest factories all over the globe. Our European production partners have a serious commitment to fair trade and ethical & sustainable business practices and must be members of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). Wild Rhino footwear is manufactured using first grade premium naturally dyed Portuguese leathers together with world class, high-tech machinery and pre-production CAD CAM design support to help ensure our shoes look great and of course fit your feet.


The process begins with design and creating a footwear 'last' which mimics the shape of your feet giving the shoe its final shape. Once your shoe shape has been determined and the artisans have determined that the 'lasts' will fit then the next stage is to bring the CAD CAM shoe designs to life. Each shoe has many sizes so each new style is computer graded to a size to ensuring all aspects of the upper fit together when the shoes are to be made. A set of knives are then made per size and these knives are sent to highly trained 'clickers', who then select the very best leathers for production. Before they proceed to cut out the various patterns of your shoe.

The upper pieces are then sent to various departments where logo’s are embossed, eyelets are inserted, labels attached and finally highly trained sewing department hand craft and sew together all aspects of the upper so they are ready for final making. Wild Rhino is super fussy in this area as we believe so much in our motto 'It’s all in the detail” and thus ensure our colours, logo emboss detail are all perfect for your shoes.


The outsole of your shoes are created and  moulded individually in an exact and very unique process that ensures they fit the upper and footwear 'last' exactly so that your feet are comfortable and your shoes aid our natural motion of walking. Your shoes are then put on a making track where both the outsoles and the uppers are prepared for the final construction process before lacing, packing and distribution.

It’s a very exact and man-made process and one that requires plenty of specialised training together with many years of hands on experience that only comes after many years of manufacturing.

We always recommend that to preserve the quality of your leather, our Leather Conditioner helps protect natural leather and patent finishes without affecting the colour. This will keep the finish of your shoe fresher than ever!


The team at Wild Rhino and all our partners around the world love what we do and are totally committed to bringing to you the very latest and best collection of shoes every season.

It’s a fun business and we hope you guys love it too.

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