Grace & Anthony's Elopement

Grace and Anthony’s elopement was nothing short of magic. We love hearing stories of people eloping, as the values are true to ours, adventure often, make special moments and keep them close to your heart.



Funnily enough the couple’s plans weren’t actually COVID related. They wanted to elope solely to avoid ‘stressing over minute details and appeasing family pressures’’.


The pair tied the knot at Pumphouse Point, on the edge of Lake St Clair in Tasmania in the heart of the forest. From there begun a month-long honeymoon caravanning from coast to coast around the outdoors of Tasmania – our idea of heaven.


Grace and Anthony picked the location & worked with Tracey at PopUp Weddings who took care of the rest. They gave Tracey a rundown of the plan and there wasn’t much more for the two do other than enjoy their special day.



Grace and Anthony found an intimate clearing near the edge of the water across from an old gum tree, vowels were read and from there their adventure began.


Like our own motto, this wedding really was all in the detail – The native bouquet, the velvet bowtie, freshly made bread & local wine all with the Tasmanian national park set perfectly in the background.


And of course, our Drakes were there to top off the mix. Anthony’s wedding style was effortless, navy jacket, grey pants and the tan belt to tie the two tans together.



The newly weds looked incredible and it was the scenery and intimacy that made it so special.


Images by: Who Shoots