Justin Cassin x Wild Rhino

With so much content to catch up on and so many people to catch up with, there have been photoshoots and events happening left, right and centre.


We were grateful to get involved and work alongside, menswear brand Justin Cassin in Sydney, who pride themselves in keeping your wardrobe fresh and classic with premium pieces.

Striving for that same pride at Wild Rhino, it was a great fit.

Our favourite celebrity stylist & a friend, Jamie Azzopardi, handpicked a couple of our staples and causals that would work well alongside the looks.

Justin Cassin clothing items are timeless and simple, the fabric really does the talking and the opportunity to have some fun was in the footwear department.

Here are our top three shoes from the shoot:


Bravo Navy & White: Your summer essential. A sophisticated lace-up sneaker that will enhance your wardrobe and look. Sitting on a rubber sole made from premium drill canvas and finished with our famous detail.



Shooter Black: A classic lace-up desert boot is a must-have for your wardrobe. Shooter has been hand-crafted in Portugal, made with top quality leather and features a sleek shape and stitch detailing.

Mannix Black: With funky double buckle details this sandal has your summer styling sorted. It’s set on a moulded, cushioned footbed and made from premium Portuguese leather.

Wolfe Black: Part of the Chelsea family with a naturally dyed leather to give off that rich shade, Wolfe not only cover the looks but also the comfort, with his side gusset detailing and pull tab for easy wear.


Check out Justin Cassin for some wardrobe stables and a big thanks to Jamie Azzopardi for getting us involved.