Kings Domain with Aaron Chan

The brainchild of Joey Scandizzo and his former apprentice Aaron Chan, Kings Domain, is the cream of the crop when it comes to Melbourne Barbers. Somewhere between an English gentleman’s club and a rustic American log cabin, Kings Domain is the go-to place to grab yourself a vintage shave & tailored cut (plus a cold beer while you wait!). Like us, the team at Kings Domain provide outstanding quality and service so we’ve teamed up to bring you the best of men’s styling and grooming.

You’ll see our shoes now in their salons too! We caught up with Aaron, the director and fresh-faced Head barber at Kings Domain.



Tell us a little bit about you & Joey – why did you decide to go into business together?

Joey has been a good friend of mine since he was my hairdresser many years ago. Overtime, we grew a professional relationship together and realised there were opportunities in the hair and beauty industry for men that Melbourne hadn’t experienced yet.  After working for Joey for 8 years, I wanted to take a slightly different path with men’s grooming and Joey was keen to get involved.  And Kings Domain was born!

What inspired the look of Kings Domain?

We wanted the barber shop it to look like the cross between an English Gentlemen’s Club and an American Hunters Cabin.  The interior reflects this with its dark timber finishes, marble bench tops, and gold trimmings and of course, the deer head that hangs proudly in each Kings Domain shop.  We wanted our service to reflect a Gentlemen’s club with beer on arrival and a high quality customer service from start to finish

What is it about Kings Domain that makes it stand out from other barbers in Melbourne?

Our timeless aesthetic and quality service we pride ourselves on. We were fortunate that when we opened, we were one of the first Barber shops in Melbourne, so at the time we had little competition and much motivation to create a unique offering to the men’s grooming world.



What is your favourite style of shoe?

I can’t get enough of a good pair of Brogues.

And what’s important to you in a pair of shoes – What makes them your favourite?

They need to be comfortable and have good support as I am on my feet all day.  I personally like to wear a pair of high cut boots so that my shoes don’t fill up with hair when I’m cutting hair all day.  Most importantly, they need to look good and keep with trend.

Lastly, what are your favourite pair of Wild Rhino shoes? And why?

The Thom boots are my favourites. The rugged, work boot style is on trend and just up my street. The soft high collar makes them very comfortable and keeps my shoes from filling up with hair while I am cutting.

Check out Kings Domain for yourself here.