Melbourne Fashion Festival

We welcomed back Melbourne Fashion Festival from the 3rd to 12th of March. The event took place across the city from Queen Victoria Market to ACMI’s Underground Gallery to the Collingwood Yards.

Runway 4 showcased the landscape of menswear designs, changing the face of fashion in Australia. It ranged from suits to casuals from MJ Bale, Nobody Denim and Dom Bagnato.

Now, on the sidelines are where the real icons are. We got to dress some of our favourite aussies in Wild Rhinos for the show. Our friends at IN PR Management organised a private dinner where all guests received some Wild Rhino Goodies. It featured good food, wine and company to end the night. 

Don't forget to check out all the snaps from the night - Wild Rhino Shoes 

Here are our favourite looks from the crowd:

Ramzy Nawzar - Celebrity Stylist in Barossa

 Matt Short - Cricketer in Ajax

Ritchie Morris - Actor in Tyler

Benjamin Turland - Actor in Woodend 

Clint Stanaway - Sports Presenter in Borough