Melbourne Food & Wine Fest Celebrations

It’s been a hard year and as always Melbourne pulls through with an exciting occasion, something to lighten the COVID mood.


We are known for our coffee down hidden laneways, feed me banquets & a cocktail for every personality, so it’s fitting that we support Melbourne Food & Wine Fest. Treat yourself to a takeaway, remind yourself of the insane chefs, barristers, bartenders & waiters Melbourne produces and go local this year.

We have curated a list of our top spots for a feed, beer & a morning coffee with a side of almond croissant & the Wild Rhinos to get you there.



First up we have Heart Attack & Vine a grazing heaven situated on Lygon Street. Stroll on down and pick yourself up a porchetta sandwich and a takeaway beer.
Your footwear companion: Rathdowne


Baker Bleu Caulfield is one to remember, the bread is for sharing (or not), and you can’t go past a challah loaf & a country loaf – get there early, as they sell out quick!
Your footwear companion: Coburg


The perfect lunch for a WFH day, take the dog & go for a wander to Hectors Deli. Grab yourself the classic Chicken sanga and cuppa to get you through the day.
Your footwear companion: Norm



We are known for the best coffee in the world & Maker Coffee South Yarra proves this over and over. The perfect pick me up to break up the day.
Your footwear companion: Slater


Coming straight out of a home Elwood Sourdough proves community is all we need. Grab yourself a loaf and say hello to your neighbours.
Your footwear companion: Charger


To Be Frank we have found your sweet treat, make your way down Bedford Street where the legends bake fresh pastries every day, the best sweet and savory treats to satisfy your taste buds.
Your footwear companion: Logan


In the heart of Fitzroy situates Afghan Gallery Restaurant it’s been bustling for 40 odd years and the food tells us why. Grab a takeaway feast and let the flavours take you from your dining room to an exotic escape.
Your footwear companion: Command


Carnegie Commons is the new spot in town & specialises in all thing’s alcohol. It’s a Friday evening atmosphere with a pale ale & assorted nibble.
Your footwear companion: Tyler


We have said it once & we will say it again, Melbourne Gin Company is the best in Melbourne. Order online and kick back with a G&T in the backyard. Don’t forget your sprig of rosemary and a slice of grapefruit.
Your footwear companion: Blake

That’s it, our 9 picks to remind us how good MFWF time truly is. We encourage all Melbournians to explore the crevasse of our city that makes it so special. Grab your takeaways and you will be reminded of why we are a standout for the best food & wine in the world.


Remember to stay safe & support local Melbourne.