Rob Mills


Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you & what do you do?

I am Rob Mills, I am a singer, actor, entertainer, postie kind of guy – I do a bit of everything. Most recently I’ve shot Neighbors, which was for about 3 years which came to a very watery grave trying to kill Susan Kennedy. It was great, kind of a climax of the 35th anniversary of Neighbours, it was great to be on a show that I grew up watching and grew up around the corner from.


What would you say the joys & challenges of your work are?

I think the joys would be when you work on stage or television you can feel other people’s cuffs, it’s their escapism, you’re taking them out of a life and getting them into a story.

I love the part of my job when I get to take people away from their everyday life, into a different place.

Last year the challenges were that we didn’t get to fill our own personal cup, when we deal with people we make them feel happy or joyful or sorry full or whatever, that feels our cup because we have filled someone else’s cup, we obviously didn’t get to do that last year so that was really hard for us. It was good to have a break, but the challenges last year were no work at all and to be told you were unessential was pretty heartbreaking.


Your favourite career moves to date?

I think it was realising that I really loved musical theatre and getting into it, it gave me a purpose and it’s the skill set that I’m blessed with, also I knew that I really enjoyed it I was singing 2-3 songs a show about 8 shows a week which gives you a really great discipline and you really appreciate just how hard it is to put on a show but also how hard it is to keep a show running. It’s a good life metaphor for the world – you are very small cog in a very big machine and everyone working together makes the show work.


Do you have any pregame rituals or lucky charms before an audition, shoot, show?

Singing usually helps, I’m 80% extroverted so I need an outside source to give me energy. I need people or music to hype me up. When I did the masked singer a couple of years ago, you were trapped in a room the whole time, not allowed to talk to anyone. Then they put you on stage and you have no energy. It was really hard for me to get pumped up.


What’s in store for you in 2021?

I’m doing ‘Chess The Musical’ at The Regent- it’s a 80’s musical with Benny & Bjorn from Abba, they wrote all the music.

I’m also writing a book, it’s about men’s health, what its about to be a man in Australia, what it’s about to be a work entitled aussie battler. As men we are more likely to commit suicide than women, we are more likely to be the instigator of domestic violence than the victim and why is this happening. Why do we not talk about our feelings? How do men live in this post Me Too movement, I think it’s easy, just don’t be a dick. But for a lot of men, they are unsure whether to even hug, kiss, or high five. What st the identity of the Australian man. Hopefully people will read it, talk about it and break the stigma of going to see a psych.


How would you describe your style?

Pretty basic, I’m a jean and a t-shirt kind of guy. Although I do love dressing up for the races and things, give me colour, patterns, vibrance and something different, something a bit outlandish. I want to peacock a little bit.


What do you look for in a good shoe?

Comfort. It’s the most important thing, all your organs are connected to the bottom of your feet, you must look after your feet always.


What is your favourite Wild Rhino and how would you style it?

I have a pair at home that I wore to the races and they are a brouge called Redmond, I really love wearing them with a jean or a short, they are just a cool versatile shoe.


If you could sit down for a beer with anyone dead or alive who would you choose?

See I like to work in threes because I like to get people to bounce of each other, I feel like it’s a better energy. I would say John Oliver and Stephen Fry.

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