Six Types Of Shoes Every Man Needs In Their Wardrobe

How many Wild Rhino shoes do you own?

For men in general, it's considered that you should own anywhere between 10 to 20 pairs of shoes. We believe you need six staple shoes to serve different purposes, whether that's working 9-5 or having a beer down at the pub with your mates.

Here are our top picks:

The Lace-Up Boot

Mens Lace-Up Boots are a staple in your Winter wardrobe. They're rugged and sturdy for any outdoor adventure or after-work dinner and drinks. Woodend fits all your boot needs and has imprinted details on the outsole that will make you smile. We'd recommend wearing this style boot with jeans, a casual cotton shirt & a light jacket thrown on top. You'll be ready for whatever adventures come your way. 

The Chelsea Boot

If you're looking for versatility, comfort and style, look no further than a Chelsea Boot. A Chelsea Boot can be worn every day bringing your look from day to night seamlessly. Drake is one of our favourites coming in five different colour ways. He is easily paired with denim jeans and a casual t-shirt or with chinos and a blazer for something smarter. A good quality Chelsea Boot like Drake will get even better with age and last you a lifetime with the correct Leather Conditioner and polish. 

The Casual Shoe

Street style has gained a high attraction over the recent years, especially the casual shoeWe believe a classic casual shoe should hold a place in every man's wardrobe all year round. Charger is one that ticks all the boxes. He is crafted with Premium Leather and is set on a sturdy rubber sole for stability and comfort. A casual shoe like Charger is perfectly paired with rolled-up chinos and a tee layered with an open buttoned shirt. If there is more of a breeze out, add a bomber or denim jacket to complete the look. 

The Slip-on Shoe

When in doubt, slip it on and off easily with a Mens Sandal or Mens Boat Shoe. As the weather heats up, men want something that's minimal and quick to throw on before heading out the door. Mannix is a sandal built on a cushioned footbed and has an adjustable double buckle for easy accessibility, making him a no brainer. Chuck him on with a pair of shorts with during Summer and you're good to go. If you're looking for a sandal alternative, a Boat Shoe is your best bet. Byron is staple to wear with chinos and a linen shirt when heading out for a beachside bev. 

The Loafer

Lay back in the sun with a pair of loafers on. Mens Loafers are a European style shoe that are made to be worn in the warmer seasons. The easiest way to wear a loafer is with chinos or a tailored pant, alongside a shirt and blazer or a crisp tee for a more casual look. Cuba is a great option if you're wanting a shoe with more flare or go with Carson for a simpler look.

The Lace-Up Dress Shoe

A lace-up Dress Shoe should be a wardrobe essential whether you're a businessman or tradesman. Jordon is a classic style of shoe that will never go out of fashion. He's crafted with Portuguese Patent Leather and has a sleek silhouette that's suited for any formal occasion. As a guide, we'd recommend wearing black shoes with a black or grey suit and tan or brown shoes with navy or sand.