The Barn Yard

The 2-hour treck up to Heathcote was better than expected as the landscape of the Northern Highway is an absolute treat.

The seven of us arrived, scoped out the restored barn yard and cracked on with the first of four shoots for our Christmas / Summer campaign.



This time our models weren’t actually models, making the shoot far more entertaining than usual – although the boys did a fab job at keeping a straight face and perfecting their foot poses.

We played cricket while the sun set and had a BBQ while the kangaroos silhouettes hopped along the fences. Could you get a more picturesque aussie night?!


A few too many beers later, the 5.30am wake up came around quick. We couldn’t miss out on the golden hour magic though as it was perfect for the ‘summer dusk in the country’ vibe we were going for.  

After that we had a busy & nostalgic ‘Christmas Morning’. Opening presents and cracking bon bons +  a big breaky was a great ending to the Summer Shoot. 

Fake Christmas’s are almost as good as real Christmas’s.