Did you know 13% of Victoria's population is experiencing homelessness?

Homelessness is a major issue that is battled across the nation through all different cohorts of people. It is more than just not having a roof over your head or stable accommodation, every Australian deserves to have a home. There are a number of charities and initiatives across Melbourne supporting the issue but Thursday Friends focuses on building long-lasting relationships and being a 'friend' to these people in need. 

Thursday Friends was created by a group of friends who get together every Thursday at Queen Victoria Market to give back to 'our friends' who need a helping hand. Whether that's clothes, food, a pair of Speed's - any item that might make a difference! 

Denis Leetham who now runs Thursday friends, started off as a volunteer helping out his friends business and discovered further action needed to be taken. In 2016 he took over Thursday Friends and continued running the enterprise to help spread community awareness and provide support to those in need.  

At Wild Rhino, we're a big believer in giving back to the community. We are grateful to have met the volunteers at Thursday Friends and now to work alongside them helping to keep peoples feet warm and dry by donating shoes. There is nothing better than seeing a smile on someone's face, knowing you've made a small change to their life.

Thursday Friends happens every Thursday on Franklin St at the Queen Victoria Market.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer contact us at and we’ll put you in contact with the right person. Come along and spread the love, It's an eye-opening experience you'll never forget!

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