What Rhinos To Wear: Wedding Season

It's wedding season and that means it's time to get you suited and booted for the big day. When preparing for a wedding, men's dress shoes often get placed on the back burner. However, you need the whole package for the day to be a success - it's important to tick off all elements from top to toe!

When it comes to choosing the right style of shoe for your wedding day, your shoes need to encapsulate the wedding's overall theme whether that's casual, cocktail or black tie. 

The Loafers

Loafers are a timeless & classic dress shoe that never age in style. If you're heading to an outdoor wedding Cuba is a great choice to elevate a linen casual suit. Loafers can also be dressed up with a tuxedo. Try Carson for a smart, classy look. 

TIP #1: When buying your suit, be sure to wear shoes similar to your wedding day pair to ensure you get your pants tailored to the perfect fit.

The Lace-Ups

A lace-up dress shoe is a perfect option for any style wedding you're hosting or attending. They offer more of a custom fit which ensure maximum comfort and ease of movement. If you're planning on wearing a navy suit, pair it with Broker to add a little extra flare or keep it simple with a tailored blazer and chinos in Greco.

TIP #2: Wear your wedding shoes in prior to your wedding day. This ensures the leather softens around the fit of your feet. 

The Patent Leather 

A tuxedo isn't done right without a black patent dres shoe! If you're planning a formal wedding, then a sleek pair of Jordon's will do the trick. Patent leather shoes are a great way to style up any look to give a polished and sophisticated finish. Jordon is crafted with a sturdy rubber outsole that will allow you to have day to night comfort for the big day. If you're wanting more of a modern version of this look, go for our patent leather loafer John

TIP #3: Experiment with socks & accessories. If you're sticking to a black-tie or a cocktail wedding, spark some subtle attention with our Rhino Socks made from soft, blended fibres.