What You Should Consider When Shopping For New Boots

Let's be honest. Your shoes can comprise the building blocks of every outfit you put on. When it comes to boots, they are a staple for maintaining your autumn or winter wardrobe. You want to purchase boots that are constructed with quality, fit for purpose and offer maximum comfort. Here are some great recommendations to use when shopping for a new pair of Wild Rhinos.

Shop In The Afternoon

It may sound silly to some, but did you know that your feet are at their largest during the afternoon? We're on our feet a lot, and they will naturally expand or swell during the day, so you want to visit our stores when your feet are at their largest to try out boots that offer support.

The afternoon is the best time to try on footwear, and don't forget to wear a pair of socks when trying on your new pair of Tyler Boots. You want to make sure that the shoes remain comfy even with socks. The proper size of boots makes all the difference in the world! 

Walk Around In Them

Another way to determine if your boots are a good fit for you is to test them out in the store. How do the boots feel? Is there enough space at the balls of your feet? Do the heels pinch or slip off? Or are the heels too snug?

Stand in your Watson Boots. Footwear professionals advise that your boots offer at least a quarter- to a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the boot.

The Toe Box Plays A Key Role

The toe box of your boot is the part of the shoe that houses your toes. It is the front section of the boot and also determines the durability of your footwear. When you try on a new pair of boots of any style like Steele, the perfect pair will result in flexibility at the outside and top of the boot. Your new boots should not move your toes out of their natural positions. In other words, your toes should have space to move around a bit.

Feel The All-Important Insole

We take pride in our design and craftsmanship of our footwear, including the insole that has everything to do with the movement of the feet. You can feel the insole because it touches the sole of your foot and is there to provide optimum comfort and flexibility. The ideal insole on Alpine will enable your new boots to conform to your feet and rebound with your steps.

Select The Material That Suits You

We all have unique habits, and what your footwear material is constructed of should reflect your individual lifestyle. From canvas to classic Portuguese leather, you have a variety of choices. The material offers an optimum level of comfort and protection. Our premium leather is sturdy and will softens and mould to your feet as you continue wearing your favourite boots. 

It's All About The Outsole 

The outsole is typically a forgotten feature on footwear, but it provides us with the necessary support and grip to keep the boot looking fresh. It is the most worn-out part of the boot so it's important to get it right. While more flexibility is usually a good thing, too much flexibility can cause instability and lead to foot fatigue. In return, the outsole should offer you comfort and durability throughout all conditions slippery or dry. We would recommend Woodend for your next adventure, he's sturdy with a cheeky extra.