Jamie Azzopardi

Hey Jamie, tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jamie, I am a celebrity stylist & culture blogger. I guess the thing that people find interesting about me is that when we tell them about being a blogger they naturally assume because I am a stylist, I write fashion but I also write about everything arts culture, I have a double degree in arts history & fashion and architecture.

I grew up in a really artistic family, my grandma was a couturist and a painter, my grandpa was a writer, my mum was a model & my dad played professional sports, so I grew up around four really talented adults that all had really artistic backgrounds in different ways.

I’m also a big foodie, I love writing about food as much as I love writing fashion. At the core, I am a Melbournian soul regardless of where I am. I love coffee, food & I’m a big people person. Which is super important in what I do & also who I am.

How did you become a celeb stylist?       

I went to fashion school & thought I was going to become a designer, but I actually hated it. It wasn’t what I wanted to do although I wanted to stay in fashion, so from there I became a stylist. I think the design process is so political & I wasn’t in that spectrum of playing that game. For me becoming a stylist was an easy decision, I synced more with the world of style.

Becoming a celebrity stylist happened very naturally, I was working at a really prominent club in Melbourne called Eve & I made connections. The clientele at Eve are footballers & actors and to this day I still dress these people. It all happened very naturally.

What’s your approach when you first start styling someone?      

It depends on the person, there is a lot of different ways to approach it, but I think in every initial situation you must understand what the event is, who they are & where they are going. I think it’s about listening to the client and making sure they always feel their best.

What’s the best part of your job & the most challenging part?

The best part is getting to play with fashion & the most difficult to navigate is the political side of getting to play with fashion. There are lots of different times when you may want to use one brand but unfortunately another brand has the contract, or they are associated with that person so it’s just not an option.

What’s your favourite photoshoot shoot to date?

It would have to be my first ever shoot with a guy called Luke. The whole team where friends of mine that I knew in the industry, it was a pinch me moment & I just thought, how the hell did this happen. We were working with amazing clothes, and it was just the best.

What was your best celeb look?

This is hard because a lot of the time Stylist don’t get credited for their work, a lot of my favourite looks have been contracted moments.

My most recent shoot with Iluka was great, she has a song right now with Lime Cordiale called Mess. The shoot brought together my three favourite things, music, art and fashion. Iluka has this magical way of being, she’s overtly nice and will be on everyone’s radar soon.

Describe your style in 4 words?


What’s your go-to footwear?

Comfortability, something that’s always classic & something that makes you smile. I have almost 900 pairs of shoes & I’m an absolute sneaker head. Although in this last year I’ve really got into sandals.

One pair of Wild Rhinos you are wearing this Winter to spice up your look?

I think a lot of men will go for the Carter boots because they go with everything. For adventure I’d go with the Stout or the Granger & if you are dressing up I’d go Carlton. I’m also loving the Black Otway at the moment.




Early bird or Night Owl?

Night owl

Knock of drink of choice?


Wardrobe MVP?


Introvert or Extrovert?


Hidden talent?

It would have to be sending emails – 586 emails in half an hour.

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