It all started with just one shoe.


Born of humble beginnings with only one style of shoe and one customer who believed in our vision, Wild Rhino was established in Melbourne in 1996.


All of the dominant Australian shoe factories suddenly come to a standstill and the shoes on offer in Australia became uninspiring. It was an opportunity. A chance to travel the world in search of something new and exciting to bring to the shoe industry.


And so Wild Rhino was born and with it began a journey around the world to provide fresh new interesting designs and quality materials to the Australian and New Zealand footwear market.


Our signature Wild Rhino symbolises this journey and our brand’s desire to continue to walk the Earth in search of simple, strong and unique designs but it also reflects our company’s ethos that the best things in life are found with a sense of wonder, freedom and exploration.

Our travels have inspired us to grow, evolve and change.


They have allowed us to continuously discover the highest quality materials and craft the latest trends and the most versatile styles that the world has to offer.


It is this journey that has seen Wild Rhino evolve from one shoe with one customer to Australia’s leading men’s casual footwear brand.


Now, more than ever, we pride ourselves on being a strong casual lifestyle brand with a large focus on a commitment to connecting with the best footwear manufacturers around the world. By only using premium materials and the most skilled craftsmen, we make sure our shoes are not only the best fit for you but also the highest quality.


Our on-going belief that attention to detail can transform an average shoe into an epic one, means that our brand is known internationally by our motto “it’s all in the detail”. This belief is what we live and breathe by.


We are a brand for anyone with a go-getter attitude and a passion for high quality goods. Our range is varied and extensive so no matter who you are or what you like, we have something to suit your styles and your adventures.

Where we are today.


Today, Wild Rhino is one of Australia’s leading casual footwear brands with a dynamic team of vibrant, adventurous and innovative staff members all keen to deliver great shoes with an emphasis on style, quality, fit and detail to our customers.


Throughout our journey, we have maintained our simple, no fuss ethos to producing contemporary footwear meaning that no matter where your wanderlust takes you, we have you covered.


We believe in being yourself.

We believe in getting out there.

We believe in seizing every opportunity.


We’re all about immersing ourselves and enjoying life. You’ll find us in local cafes, walking on the beach, camping in the wilderness, cheering at the footy and exploring new cities. In fact, you’ll find us everywhere. Anywhere there is adventure.

The Wild Rhino Crew


We are the go getters. The explorers and the adventure seekers.


It’s all about working together.


As a team, we value fairness, honesty and integrity above all else and live our lives with a positive can-do attitude. We carry this attitude through to our customer service. We believe it is never enough to satisfy our customers. We want every customer’s experience to be incredible and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure it happens.


We’re all about getting out there, discovering the new and enjoying the smaller details in life.


Our customers are no different.

We’re the yes people.