Matt Short


Tell us a bit about yourself & how you got started into cricket? 

My name is Matt and I play cricket for Adelaide Strikers. I'm a country boy from Ballarat and I moved down to Melbourne when I was 18 years old. I grew up with one older brother and one younger brother, so backyard sports were always around and were always pretty competitive. I played a bit of basketball and AFL growing up, but it wasn’t till my older brother started playing local cricket for East Ballarat that I found some interest. It was one morning while I was on the sidelines watching his match and they were short a player, so they called me up to have a go and I loved it.

Was cricket always the sport you were interested in pursuing?

Yes it was, since I had tried a lot of different sports I knew cricket would be the sport for me. However, AFL was always another option as I had played more professionally throughout my final years of school. I knew I had to choose, but cricket came first as I was offered a contract with Victoria. It was then a no-brainer and there’s been no looking back ever since!

What has been a highlight in your career so far?

Travelling around the world to play cricket. I’ve been to New Zealand, UAE, India, Sri Lanka and England.

What do you like to do in your free time other than batting or bowling on the field?

I love playing golf and heading to the beach to surf. Anything outdoorsy I’m there!

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration or role model is?

My Dad, growing up he was always the one I looked up to and was always supportive on whatever path my brothers and I took on.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Easy-going, caring and up-for-anything.

If you’re not in your cricket gear, what are you wearing?

Golf attire or a wetsuit out on the surf! I’m a pretty casual bloke.

What's your go-to weekend outfit?

I like to keep things pretty simple and casual, while still clean and fresh. I don’t mind the comfortable trackies and hoodie or if I’m out for drinks just simply denim jeans and shirt.

One pair of Wild Rhinos you have you been loving?

I’m loving the Ajax, I actually went in-store to check them out and I thought they’d be a great fit for Fashion Week and a few weddings I have coming up.




Early bird or Night Owl? Early-bird

Knock Off Drink of Choice? Carlton Dry Beer

Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert

Favourite Country? Indonesia. Plenty of surf, warm weather and great people!

Favourite Food? Medium-rare steak with mushroom sauce

Guilty Pleasure? Cheeky wine weekend away