Shoe Care Guide

Finding the perfect shoe can be hard, but we make keeping them clean easy.

Here is a run down of our tips to maintain your wheels and keep them looking brand new for all occasions.

Please note we recommended our Wild Rhino shoe care products as these have been specifically tried & tested to preserve our uniquely finished premium leathers.




Step 1:  Using the polish cloth, give your shoes a quick clean over getting that top layer of dirt and/or dust off – this will ensure you are not rubbing the excess dirt into the following products.

Step 2: Grab your shoe cream and using your polish cloth lightly wipe your finger over the cream and onto the cloth. Then distribute the cream lightly & evenly all over the shoe rubbing. At first it’s important to brush the leather evenly and in a long motion to ensure the moisture doesn’t absorb into one spot in the leather. Once this is done, continue to rub the cream in a circular motion. This will soften, nourish, shine and restore your leather.

Step 3: Open your handy instant shine, this product cleans and polishes your leather in one action. Once the leather has been cleaned with the shoe cream, polish and buff the leather to ensure maximum shine and color restoration. Press the sponge pad into the leather and apply an even coat all around.

Step 4: Once the leather is clean, you need to make sure it is conditioned. Give your shoes a quick condition in the same way you did the cream. Distribute the cream lightly & evenly all over the shoe rubbing in a long motion, then once even rub in a circular motion. This product revitalizes both your shoes and accessories as the moisture prevents cracking and preserves shine.

Step 5: Once this is complete, spray on some waterproofing protector spray from a 25cm distance as a preventative for any future stains or spills.



Suede & Nubuck

Suede & Nubuck are an easy clean, give the shoe a good wipe over with our polish cloth, then grab our protection spray which will preserve and protect your shoes.  Shake well and spray onto your shoes from a 25cm distance, once dry give your suede another light spray and leave to dry overnight.



As canvas is a textile, it is naturally easier and more instinctive to clean. Mix some warm water and a little detergent and using a toothbrush or similar, brush the fabric gently in circular motions. Rinse off the detergent and let dry. Once dry spray with protection spray at a 25cm distance and leave overnight.


We recommend cleaning your shoes every 6 months or when needed and stick to the tip’s dependent on the fabric of the shoes.

No matter how smart the outfit, the shoes always need to be in tip top condition.

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